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Our Process

Resonant Financial Planning™ is also a verb. It is a systematic process we engage in with each client.

Our Process Flowchart

  • Discovery: Our first priority is to understand you. During a discovery meeting, we gain insight into your values, motivations, and financial situation.

  • Analysis: Our next priority is to determine the kind of help you need. We use advanced financial planning tools to thoroughly analyze your risks, opportunities, and blind spots. Then we show you the results and make general recommendations in an interactive analysis meeting.

  • Strategy: At this stage, we tailor our recommendations to your specific preferences and formulate specific strategies for that aim to optimize your financial health and help you reach your goals. Our mutual priority is to create a plan that gives you the clarity and confidence to move forward.

  • Implementation: Next we select the specific investment and insurance products you will use to carry out your strategic plans, and coordinate with other professionals and institutions as needed. Our priority is to seek out suitable solutions for each strategy.

  • Monitoring: As you implement your plan, we keep a close watch on your progress. We track economic factors and product changes that could impact your plan, and proactively manage any assets under our care.

  • Staying Connected: We make it a priority to keep our clients informed, educated, and up to date. We develop a customized communication plan for each client, including periodic reviews, regular account updates, monthly client newsletters, and ongoing social media posts. We strive to be each client's best financial resource, and each year (or any time you have a significant life event such as a job change or promotion, major health event, change in residence, new addition to your family, catastrophic loss, and so on) we restart the planning process to avoid missing important updates.

    Initially, our mutual goal includes deciding together if we are a good fit for you. After you are an existing client, we believe that over time the process becomes more effective as our planning relationship develops.

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