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Helpful Articles, News, and Information 

"The Retirement Savings Dilemma" outlines important concepts for anyone who wants to prepare for retirement.

Optimizing Retirement Income by Combining Investments and Actuarial Science (Pfau 2015)

Dr. Pfau explains his white paper (above) in a Forbes article entitled "Improving Retirement Outcomes With Investments, Life Insurance, and Income Annuities."

The Annuity Puzzle The New York Times

This New York Times article published in 2011 is still just as valuable to those planning for retirement now. One of our most important advisory roles is to help clients solve the puzzle of retirement income.

Why Annuities are the Answer (But Such a Tough Sell) Time

Some important retirement planning tools are often neglected out of ignorance. This article raised excellent points about several of the less obvious benefits of having pension-like income in retirement

Americans Clueless About Life Expectancy, Bungling Retirement Planning Forbes

In our experience, the vast majority of people underestimate their chances of living to age 90 and beyond. This article explains in simple terms why that matters in retirement planning.